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Commercial - Rural - Residential Skip and hook bin hire.
Wagga Wagga & Surrounding areas
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Whether it be commercial projects, small building, moving home or just wish to cleanup the junk around the home, Smallmon Brothers Waste continues to successfully and competitively service them all.  


Smallmon Brothers Services Wagga Wagga's surrounding districts, small builders or the biggest builders and has the equipment, knowledge and commitment to provide the service.


Bulk bin Services provided by Smallmon Brothers include:

  • Long and short term bin hire.

  • Bin sizes include 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,10,15, 20 and 30 cubic meters bins

  • Absolute best effort for Same day service

  • Waste bins for office waste and cardboard recycling


Smallmon Brothers Waste has the skills and equipment to meet your needs.  To discuss your needs please contact us

Unsure about what skip bin to choose?

If you are unsure about what bin you need, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help.


Whether it is for home or work, you are renovating your house, having a junk cleanup or a construction company developing a new site, Smallmon Brothers Waste has the right bin for you. Our wide range of marrel and hook skip bins can handle any job.


CONTACT US today to discuss your skip bin needs

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Skip bins
of all

  • How high can I fill the bin?
    It is important to not overfill the bin past the rim as it can pose a safety hazard for our team and other members of the community. Remember we need to carry the bin on the roads. We recommend filling the bin level with the rim and ensuring the load is evenly distributed. If you have any concerns about the amount of waste you have, please contact our team and we will be happy to advise you on the appropriate bin size for your needs.
  • What are the skip bin sizes?
    Skip bins come in a range of sizes to accommodate different waste disposal needs. The most common skip bin sizes include: 1. 2 cubic meter skip bin: This is the smallest skip bin available and is typically used for small-scale waste disposal projects such as garden or household cleanups. 2. 3 cubic meter skip bin: This skip bin size is slightly larger than the 2 cubic meter skip bin and can also be used for small-scale waste disposal projects. 3. 4 cubic meter skip bin: This skip bin size is suitable for medium-sized waste disposal projects such as kitchen or bathroom renovations. 4. 6 cubic meter skip bin: This skip bin size is larger and suitable for larger waste disposal projects such as house renovations or large garden cleanups. 5. 8 cubic meter skip bin: This skip bin size is larger than the 6 cubic meter skip bin and is suitable for larger-scale waste disposal projects. 6. 10 cubic meter skip bin: This skip bin size is the largest available and is suitable for heavy-duty waste disposal projects such as construction and demolition waste. 7. After skip bins we move into larger hook bins for seriously large amounts of waste. 10,15,20 & 30 cubic meter bins available. It's important to choose the right size skip bin for your waste disposal needs to ensure that you don't end up with a bin that's too small and doesn't accommodate all of your waste or too large that you're paying for more than you need.
  • How much notice should I give to order a bin?
    Generally, a day or two notice is plenty. However, we also can usually arrange same day bookings over the phone.
  • How can I pay?
    You can call us and arrange your bin over the phone and pay by direct deposit, cash on delivery or credit/debit card will speed up the process. Regular trade customers are welcome to apply for an account.
  • What cant I put in the bin?
    We do not accept in the skip bins, fibro, asbestos, liquid or chemical waste (including paint, oil, fuel or chemicals). Should you have other items like gas cylinders, tyres, batteries or mattresses, please contact us to arrange a safe disposal.
  • Do I Need To Be Present When The Bin Is Picked Up Or Delivered?
    No. If you require the skip bin to be placed in a specific location, you can make note of this when booking.
  • Are you able to guarantee or tell me a specific time for delivery or pickup?
    At Smallmon Brothers Waste, we strive to provide efficient and reliable services, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific delivery times. The transport industry is influenced by various factors that may impact arrival times. While we aim to accommodate your requests for a delivery time, our schedules prioritize logistics efficiency. Our booking staff can provide an estimated delivery window, but specific times cannot be guaranteed. The most accurate ETA will be communicated once our driver initiates your booking. Receive a text message notification with the ETA based on the driver's GPS location for real-time updates. In case of unforeseen circumstances causing significant delays, our team will promptly contact you, offering updates and a new delivery window. Your understanding is appreciated as we work to provide the best service possible.
  • Can I place the bin on the nature strip or public property?
    Typically, no. Placing skip bins on council property, including the nature strip outside your home or private property boundary, may require a council permit. It's essential to check with your local council to determine if they permit skip bins on the nature strip. Most councils generally do not allow this practice, as it can obstruct pathways for pedestrians, emergency vehicles, or essential utility maintenance workers. If a permit is granted, it must be provided to us before skip bin delivery. Placing a bin on council property without authorisation may result in fines. Any fines, public damages, or claims issued in such cases are the customer's sole responsibility and must be settled. We strongly recommend placing the bin within your private property to avoid unnecessary fines or public concerns.
  • Can I have the temporary skip bin collected earlier then arranged?
    Absolutely, flexibility is key! If you need an earlier pickup for your skip bin, just give us a heads-up. The sooner you notify and confirm with our team, the quicker we can arrange a collection in the next available slot. Notify our office when your bin is ready for pickup through our dedicated phone or email. Once you've lodged your pickup request, we'll do our best to collect your bin promptly. Our standard turnaround time is typically between 1-3 working days from the confirmation of the pickup request. Your convenience is our priority!
  • Do you accept asbestos in your bins?
    At Smallmon Brothers Waste and Recycling, we prioritise safety and responsible waste management. We strictly prohibit the disposal of asbestos, fibro, and cement sheeting without asbestos clearance in our skip bins. Not only does violating this policy incur fines, but it may also lead to significant cleanup costs. To ensure proper guidance on asbestos disposal, we recommend contacting Wagga City Council for detailed instructions. No, we do not accept asbestos. Asbestos, including fibro sheeting and other asbestos-containing materials, is hazardous and strictly prohibited in our bins. We strongly advise confirming the asbestos content of your fibro materials before placing them in the skip bin to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Special placement request
    Smallmon Brothers Waste - Special Placement Request If you wish to place our skip bins in challenging areas like under a carport or in a tight space, we understand your needs. However, we advise against it due to the risk of property damage. To explore this option, check with our team and provide images of the carport or garage before booking. We'll assess the feasibility and try our best to accommodate your request, ensuring the bin is positioned as close as safely possible. Important Note: In cases where you instruct our driver to access challenging areas, you must acknowledge that we are not liable for any accidental damage that may occur during the service on your property. It's crucial to ensure our driver has clear and unobstructed access for smooth delivery and collection of the skip bin. While our drivers follow strict safety procedures to minimise damage and prioritise safety above all else, the responsibility for property conditions rests with the customer. Your cooperation helps us provide efficient and safe waste disposal services.
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