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Waste Processing & Bulk Waste Handling

Waste Processing, Crushing, Shredding, Grinding & Bulk Waste Handling

At Smallmon Brothers Waste and Recycling, we understand the importance of reducing waste volumes and maximising recycling potential. Our comprehensive onsite services include:

  • Crushing: Utilising advanced techniques to reduce the size of bulky materials, making them easier to handle and process.

  • Shredding: Breaking down various waste materials into smaller pieces, and preparing them for recycling or disposal.

  • Grinding: Transforming waste materials into finer particles, facilitating their use in recycling and resource recovery processes.


Complete End-to-End Concrete Recycling

Our concrete recycling process includes:

  • Crushing and Screening: Efficiently breaking down concrete into reusable materials.

  • Metal Removal: Using conveyor magnets to extract metals from concrete debris.

Comprehensive Equipment Fleet

To support our onsite services, we utilise a diverse range of high-performance equipment, including:

  • Peterson Grinders: Featuring multiple models, including the Peterson horizontal drum grinders, known for their high production and low operating costs. These grinders are ideal for handling tough materials and ensuring efficient grinding. For example, timber and green waste grinding.

  • Terex 820 Shredder: Complements our grinding operations with robust performance for reducing various waste materials. For example mattresses, tyres, carpet, furniture, and pallet shredding.

  • Keestrack Impact Crushers: We operate multiple Keestrack impact crushers, including the R3H and R5 models. These versatile crushers are perfect for concrete, brick, roof tile, and asphalt recycling, road construction, and other applications.

Heavy Equipment Fleet

Our fleet of heavy machinery enhances our capability to manage large-scale waste processing and site preparation tasks, including:

  • Dozers, Loaders, and Excavators: Essential for efficient waste handling and sorting at landfill and recycling centres.

  • Traxcavators, Water Carts, Waste Handling Magnets, Shears, and Grabs: Specialised equipment for efficient site operations and waste management.

  • Water Cannons: Available for dust control and other site maintenance needs.


Our haulage services ensure efficient transportation of materials, supporting our waste management and recycling operations:

  • Heavy Haulage

  • Low Loaders

  • Semi Tippers

  • Semi Liquid Waste Transport

  • High Volume Tippers

  • Walking Floors

  • Truck and Dog Combos

Additional Services

  • Potable Water Deliveries: Reliable potable water deliveries for events, construction sites, or emergency situations.

Landfill Management

Our expertise in proper waste containment and disposal ensures environmental safety and compliance with regulations.

Why Choose Us?

  • Local Expertise: As born and bred Riverina locals, we bring in-depth local knowledge and professional expertise to every project.

  • Family-Owned Values: Our family-owned business model ensures personalised service with a focus on trust and reliability.

  • Environmental Commitment: Dedicated to sustainable practices, we work towards a greener future through responsible waste disposal and recycling initiatives.

  • Travel: We are regularly called upon to travel and assist operations afar.


Smallmon Brothers Waste & Recycling is your partner in innovative waste management solutions. Our suite of equipment and commitment to sustainability make us the ideal choice for all your waste reduction and recycling needs. Servicing Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas, we have the experience and resources to complete any task with minimal fuss, from landfill management and commercial projects to farm clean-ups and bulk scrap handling.

Contact Us

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Phone: 02 6925 7008
Youtube: Smallmon Brothers Waste & Recycling Youtube


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