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Bulk Waste Cartage and Shredding

Smallmon Brothers Waste and Recycling, where innovation meets waste management solutions. Our onsite crushing, shredding, and grinding services offer efficient and environmentally conscious solutions for waste reduction and recycling. With a commitment to sustainability and a comprehensive suite of equipment, we're your partner in responsible waste management.

Landfill and waste management centre processing, commercial projects, farm clean-ups, bulk scrap, or solar farm projects we have you covered. Servicing Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas. We have the equipment and experience to complete the task with minimal fuss.

Onsite Crushing, Shredding, and Grinding: 


At Smallmon Brothers, we understand the importance of reducing waste volumes and maximizing the potential for recycling. Our onsite services include:



We employ advanced crushing techniques to reduce the size of bulky materials, making them more manageable for further processing.




Our shredding services break down various waste materials into smaller pieces, preparing them for recycling or disposal.




Through grinding, we transform waste materials into finer particles, facilitating their utilisation in recycling and resource recovery processes.


Comprehensive Equipment Fleet: 


To complement our onsite services, we offer a comprehensive fleet of equipment tailored to waste management activities. Our range includes loaders, traxcavators, dozers, and excavators equipped with waste attachments. This specialised equipment is ideal for landfill and recycling centre activities, ensuring efficient waste handling and sorting.


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